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The nature of getting a band together is always a process more than an event. It’s something of a miracle to think that four strangers with their own ideas of what constitutes worthwhile music, can get together and find common goals. The B Side Band began as an idea. I wanted to occupy a musical space between the soloist/duo act and the full-on rock band. Perhaps we could be best described as a soft rock band with a bluesy/country twist.


On-line advertisements along word-of-mouth were used to find musicians that might be interested in working on material  that created a point of difference to the usual cover band playing the pub circuit. The difference I was looking for was to perform music that, whilst being generally well known, was not so common as to become predictable. We never set out to be just another cover band replicating someone else's music, but wanted to put our own sound into the work.

About B Side Band
degraves St bw

The months passed and consisted of weekly studio-based auditions and rehearsals until the final line-up was established. It’s here that I add my thanks to those excellent musicians that auditioned and contributed to the project but who, for one reason or another, were not engaged.

A far as song selection was concerned, it occurred to me that I was just as interested in the ‘B sides’ of well-known artists as much as I was their ‘A Sides’. I began listening to music by artists with whom I wasn’t as familiar and was drawn more toward Blues and Country influences. Names like JJ Cale, Eric Clapton, Ray Bonneville, Keb Mo and others kept popping up as being interesting and they found their way on to my ever-increasing Spotify list

I should add a note about the band’s name here for anyone fortunate enough to be under 40 years of age. Vinyl records were usually either 12” LPs (long play) containing a number of songs on each side or 7“singles. The singles were selected from the LP. They had just one song on each side and were released with an A side and a B side.

It is with history lesson this in mind that we became the ‘B Side Band’.

We look forward to putting on a performance that not only offers the type of music that might get you off your feet and on to the dance floor, but also invites you to kick back with friends and just enjoy.




Peter (Doc) - Vocals and Keyboards

Either playing or listening to music has been the one constant thread throughout his life. As much as he’s wanted, at times, to ‘give it away’, music always kept calling him back and he now says that he ‘couldn’t be happier’. He’s played in too many bands to remember and had to pleasure to work with some of Australia’s musical greats. Apart from bands he also had the privilege to play for many years as a ‘piano man’ throughout the country but predominately on the Mornington Peninsula. He looks forward to this latest chapter and is grateful for the opportunity it provides to work with some excellent musicians and enjoy entertaining an audience.

Tony - Guitars and Vocals

Tony has had the lifelong ‘bug’ for music and has spanned many genres over the years. 

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, Tony spent an extended period in a Country (and Western) band with C&W journeyman Kenny Arnott. With the addition of singer Anne in the later years, this developed into the popular Eagles/Ronstadt genre popular at the time.

When the band folded, Tony took a break of some 20 years as the kids grew up, as many do.

In 2006 he joined popular covers band Rockwyse (later renamed Frontline), playing all manner of Oz Rock and everything from Beatles to Buble in between.

After a 10 year stint with these great muso’s he eased back to acoustic trio and duo work, finally moving back to a full band this year with B Side.

“Our style is relaxed and laid back and ideal for those afternoons where you can kick back, enjoy the music and not be deafened.


Steve - (Towney) Drums/Percussion

My love of drumming started at the age of 12 or 13 having seen a band at the old Australia Hotel in Collins Street and remember being mesmerised by the drummer. Eventually after many garage bands and a musical progression I had the opportunity to play pro in the 80's with original touring and recording bands, both headlining our own shows and opening for almost all top Australian bands. Currently I’m enjoying playing covers doing everything from major corporate gigs, local pubs, and clubs to shows supporting charities the likes of Variety & Prostate awareness. Now also with B Side playing alongside a group of talented and experienced muso’s performing some great laid-back tunes.

Stephen - (Doyley) Bass and  Vocals

Stephen Doyle has been playing in bands since the 1980’s and covered a lot of genres including Bluegrass, Country and Rock and has been playing Rock covers in a number of bands for the past 15 years. From backs of trucks to pubs and the occasional headline at a festival or two along with a couple of CD releases, Steve considers his bass playing as his main hobby, as he really stinks at sports.

Steve is excited to be part of B Side as their Bass Player and the occasional vocal, playing alongside other like-minded musos playing great songs we are sure you will enjoy.

Stephen Doyle Bass Player.jpg
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