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Terms & Conditions

What is expected of the venue?

   A secure, under-cover performance area with a suggested minimum area of 10 square meters.

   If outdoors, the undercover area would, in addition, ideally have full side & back covers & full weather protection for both the

   band & their equipment

  • A suitably reliable 240-volt power supply with appropriately placed power points.

  • Adequate security.

  • Refreshments for the band

What The Band will provide?
  • 3 x 40 – 50 Minutes of music* i.e. an industry standard 3 hour booking.

  • Professional equipment – including:

  • Amplifiers

  • Drums/Percussion

  • Instruments

  • PA system 

  • Lighting (if the band sees it as desirable)

  • A professional performance


Payment is required by bank deposit prior the performance or in cash at the time of the performance. A receipt for the amount paid including an ABN will be provided upon upon request.

Extended performance fee *

There are occasions where the band is asked to extend the performance beyond three hours.  This is usually an acceptable practice depending on the circumstances.  If you choose to do this, it will be for a maximum of 45 minutes (12 - 14 songs) and will attract a 25% additional fee.

Early set up

Usual set up times and sound checks start approximately one hour prior to the scheduled performance . One hour will also be needed to be allowed for by the venue for the band to pack up.

Parking Access

Band members and crew will require access that is as close as possible to the performance area to unload and move equipment. This will also assist to reduce set up time.

Band Room

Where possible, the band should be provided with an area in which to change in private and store instrument cases/  equipment during the performance.  It's understand that this is not always possible, however we would ask that you do your best to at least make sure that there’s somewhere to securely store instrument cases etc.


It is the responsibility of the client to provide appropriate supervision of their guests.   The client agrees to ensure that no unauthorised person handles any of the equipment of the band.  Any damage caused by any unsupervised guest will be the responsibility of the client.   This applies even if the client is not present.   No person other than the band or their crew are permitted on the stage / performance area at any time whilst any equipment is set up.   
If power leads need to be run to power outlets within a walking traffic area, the client must ensure that those leads are covered with a rug, mat, or something similar, to ensure public safety.


•    Client – Person booking the band.
•    Band – B Side Band
•    Equipment – Includes amplifiers, PA system, lights and any other equipment used to set up and perform.
•    Performance – When the band is on stage playing songs.
•    Performance area – The location from where the band is playing the songs.
•    Security – Licensed & registered Security Guard(s) or designated persons protecting the band and equipment
•    Set – A block of music up to 14 songs.
•    Refreshments – Bottled water or soft drink.   (Alcohol at the client’s discretion).

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